Knowing-Doing Gap Intro

The Knowing Doing Gap is a fantastic book. But I know what you’re thinking. What on earth is this book about?! (A sarcasm font would be helpful there.)

Managers KNOW a lot about best practices; they have a pretty good idea of what their companies should be doing. But there are – within every industry – countless examples of companies failing to put this knowledge into action.

This book outlines why that disconnect between knowing and doing can happen.

I think this book is a critical read for anyone working in product development, but even more than that, I find that it applies to all kinds of diverse situations, in business and in life.It also has a nice healthy mix of academic analysis with real-world advice.

A lot of people know when something isn’t working, but it’s the rare individual who can diagnose the situation, identify the fundamental causes, and then propose possible solutions. Diagnose and cure. Like a doctor. This book can help you become that problem-solver.