NABC is a Framework

NABC is a Framework
Benefits per cost

The value proposition appeals to me because it’s a framework. A framework is a systematic way of thinking about something; it’s basically a fancy work for a checklist. The authors are saying that – when creating a value proposition – you need to consider this short checklist of 4 things in order to fully explore your value proposition.

A terrible analogy would be ordering a meal (something I just did). The framework for a delicious dinner order is: drink, appetizer, entrée, dessert. That’s the structure of your order. If you forget one of those, you’re not going to have a complete order. If you forget needs, approach, benefits per cost or competition, you’re not going to have a complete value proposition.

The authors claim that considering NABC is useful for all kinds of stuff – not just value propositions. They even suggest it has been used successfully in a performance review, where employees and managers discuss their respective “value propositions” to align employee and company goals. Next time you go in for a negotiation for anything, it might be useful to think about the NABC framework.

Frameworks are checklists. Checklists are helpful. Checking shit off your checklist feels great. For more on checklists, read the checklist manifesto.