Needs – Consider 3-4 Critical Needs

What consumer needs are important?
The book cites a study which determined that you can easily consider more than 1,000 different elements when comparing hotels…price, location, pillow-fluffiness, convenient location of outlets (why does it have to be so difficult to put an outlet somewhere convenient?).

But, most people don’t consider 1,000 things; most people consider 3-4.

I’ve heard this theory before, that people care about 3-4 critical elements when making a purchase decision. The website nerdwallet has embraced this theory, distilling the complex world of credit card options down to simple comparisons based on a few key factors.

Consider this for the products you create. What are the critical factors for your consumers? Do they vary by demographic? Are you aware of them and actively measuring them? Make a weighted-average comparison. Make objectives for each criteria.

You don’t have to be mindful of ALL of your consumer’s needs, but you should be mindful of your consumer’s CRITICAL needs.