The Elevator Pitch

After talking about creating a value proposition and collecting a large number of ideas to improve it, the book has an entire chapter dedicated to the elevator pitch. An elevator pitch is a succinct, “pithy” summary of your idea told in 1-2 minutes. Hopefully you knew that.

If you can’t pitch your value proposition eloquently in 1 minute, that’s a good signal that you need to think about a little more until you can. The elevator pitch is useful to innovation in so far as it forces deep comprehension and refinement of the idea. That’s extremely important. If you want a book to teach you how to make an amazing pitch, there are probably better sources, but this book does a good job discussing elevator pitches in the context of innovation.

I found the “elevator pitch template” provided to be pretty useful:

1. Hook – get people interested
2. Core – hit them with your value proposition, speaking to needs, approach, benefits, and competitors
3. Close – so now what? What are you asking for?

Consider all of those elements carefully and make sure they’re addressed.