Final Summary

Here’s the book in a series of disjointed concepts.

Innovation is about delivering NEW value to customers in a sustainable (repeatable) manner.

There are five key disciplines

  1. NEEDS: First, focus on important customer needs
  2. VALUE CREATION: Second, use Needs Approach Benefits and Competitors to frame your value propositions
  3. CHAMPIONS: Third, have innovation champions to lead projects
  4. TEAMS: Fourth, deal with the team dynamics that inherently arise during projects
  5. ALIGNMENT: And now Fifth, make sure you have organizational alignment

Work on your customer’s important problems. Don’t just address what your competitors are addressing.

Identify your value proposition. Write that shit down. Be specific. Pitch it. Refine it. Ruthlessly.

A good value proposition includes Needs, your Approach, Benefits per cost, and the Competition.

Brainstorming is great for creating “first level” solutions. But you need good ideas mating with other good ideas and compounding/reproducing into higher-level ideas. Brainstorm is good, but compounding is more powerful.

There are four critical components to exponential improvement. You need to be working on an important problem, ideas need to flow into the system, you need to focus on compounding the ideas, and you need time and energy (people).

Trust and communication are the grease that make a team function.

Transform fear, uncertainty, and doubt

You don’t need permission to do these things. Just do them.