We’re Fucked; It’s Over

WFIO. Horowitz says that this expression was muttered so many times that they started to just say “wiff-ee-oh.” I had never heard this expression before and now I love it.

I love it for two reasons. First, it puts things in perspective. Second, it’s important to realize that nearly everyone in business feels pain.

The first concept about perspective is something you’ll probably have to read the first few chapters to really appreciate. In short, Horowitz does an extremely good job of describing the pain and pressure of running a company. It sounds fucking miserable: no sleep, no time for family, no good options, looming bankruptcy, the need to ask a team to yet again put in 7-day s / 10-hour weeks…it’s no joke. I immediately felt better about the hundred things I had to do at work. Reading this book put shit into perspective.

Second, everyone feels the pain. We feel it personally. Horowitz does a great job of sharing that everyone – even badass CEOs – feel nervous, uncertain, and downright afraid in the face of really hard things. Don’t feel gutless because you experience these feelings; they are normal. Fortunately it’s not your feelings that matter at the end of the day – it’s your actions.

Companies feel the pain too. Ask anyone who has been involved in a budding enterprise if they’ve ever thought “We’re fucked; it’s over.” Chances are you’ll get a resounding yes. The take-away is that feeling like it’s all going to end is par for the course. Accept it, suck it up, and keep fighting.