Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver you content about product development that you actually look forward to reading, and every now and then, to make you stop and think, and to maybe even inspire change. 

Our Values

Commitment to you

We are committed to delivering you content that is relevant, interesting, and entertaining. You probably get a lot of boring emails in the morning; we strive to be better.

Commitment to our sources

We want our content to inspire more reading, not less. Whenever possible, we’ll direct you to the original books and articles from which our content is sourced.


Product Development Distillery is independently owned and operated. This site is run by real human beings who are trying to build great things and deliver value to the community.

Our Story

I created Product Development Distillery because something like it should exist. I have degrees in Mechanical Engineering, and while Engineering provides a great background for technical work, it doesn’t provide nearly enough training in how to create products that customers love.

I’ve read most product development books I can get my hands on, and even after working in the field for a dozen years, I’m still learning new stuff every day. Product Development Distillery is something that can help others who find themselves on a similar journey. Always be learning.

Photo credit: Matt Briney