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We always reference our sources so you can read further at your leisure (pronounced leh-sure).

“The thing is, incremental daily progress (negative or positive) is what actually causes transformation. A figurative drip, drip, drip. Showing up, every single day, gaining in strength, organizing for the long haul, building connection, laying track—this subtle but difficult work is how culture changes.” Seth Godin

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Some of Our Sources

These are some of the books from which we extract nuggets.

Whenever possible, we’ll cite our sources so you can go read further.

It bears repeating – we expect the Distillery to promote more reading, not less.

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Management Culture
Marketing Strategy
Product Development
  • The Knowing Doing Gap
  • Innovation - The Five Disciplines
  • Different
  • The Hard Thing About Hard Things
  • Playing To Win
  • The Progress Principle
  • The Goal
  • All Marketers Are Liars
  • High Output Management
  • Product Development Flow
  • Crucial Conversations
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Revolutionizing Product Development
  • Developing Products In Half The Time
  • Change By Design
  • Third Generation R&D
  • Executing Your Strategy
  • Where Good Ideas Come From
  • Anything You Want
  • What Customers Want
  • Start With Why
  • Creativity Inc.
  • Winning at New Products
  • The Lean Product Playbook
  • The Product Manager's Desk Reference
  • Competitive Strategy
  • New Products Management Textbook
  • Inspired
  • The Lean Startup
  • PDMA Handbook
  • Innovator's Dilemma
  • Innovator's Solution
  • Good Products Bad Products
  • Growth Hacker Marketing
  • Managing the Design Factory
  • Product Design and Development Book