Here’s a list of random stuff I follow/like.


Seth’s Blog – Seth Godin’s blog on Marketing

Startup lessons learned – Eric Ries (The Lean Startup) blog

James Clear – Some good reads on habits

Product Talk – blog by Teresa Torres

Steven Johnson Blog – Author of Where Good Ideas Come From

GetLighthouse – a blog about management and leadership

Ken Norton Blog – Google product manager, good book summaries

SVPG – Silicon Valley Product Group, focusing on building products that consumers love

Ryan Holiday – Reads a lot of books and summarizes/reviews them

Erik Barker – Science-based postings on motivation, productivity, etc.


Blinkist – Book summaries

Quora – Q&A site with frequent postings from insiders; follow product management, product development etc.

1 sentence summary – 50 major business books summarized in one sentence

Sivers Book Summaries – Author Derek Sivers’ book notes

Product Manager HQ – A comprehensive resource for product managers

Product Book Shelf – Much like this website, summaries of books about product management

Product School – Specifically this page about online resources.