The Personal MBA, by Josh Kaufman

This book is great for many reasons, but I especially liked it because it’s so digestible. Each chapter is a short and sweet summary of a key concept. I liked this format so much that I was inspired to replicate it in video format; each 1-2 minute whiteboard video summarizes a key concept in the book. The production is totally amateur-hour and I make a point to do each in one take.

As an aside, this video format is inspired by the Khan Academy, which is an amazing organization you should check out if you’ve never heard of it. I actually made about 100 of these videos for a work-related training project and I’m probably going to use these MBA videos for training at work as well.

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Introduction to my videos

Chapter 1 – Value Creation

5 Parts of a Business

5 Parts of a Business – Part 2

The Iron Law of the Market

Core Human Drives 2

10 Ways to Evaluate a Market

10 Ways to Evaluate a Market Part 2

12 Standard Forms of Value

12 Standard Forms of Value Part 2

Hassle Premium

Perceived Value

Modularity and Bundling


Iteration Cycle

Iteration Velocity


Relative Importance Testing

Critical Assumptions

Shadow Testing

Minimum Viable Offer

Incremental Augmentation BAD

Field Testing

Chapter 2 – Marketing

Marketing Chapter Intro




Probable Purchaser


End Result


Point of Market Entry




Framing 2





Chapter 3 – Sales

Chapter 4 – Value Delivery

Chapter 5 – Finance

Chapter 7 – Working With Yourself