Product Development Outline

[expand title= ”     Introduction to Product Development”] [expandsub1 title=”What is a Product”] [/expandsub1] [expandsub1 title=”What is Strategy“] [/expandsub1] [expandsub1 title=”What is Marketing”] [/expandsub1] [expandsub1 title=”What is R&D”] [expandsub2 title=”Overview”]

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[/expandsub2] [expandsub2 title=”Three types of R&D: Incremental, Radical, Fundamental”] [/expandsub2] [expandsub2 title=”Alignment of R&D with Strategy”] [/expandsub2] [/expandsub1] [expandsub1 title=”&nbsp &nbsp Defining some more terms: project, technology, research, innovation“] [/expandsub1] [/expand] [expand title=”&nbsp &nbsp II.The Product Development Process”] [expandsub1 title=”A.Philosophies and tools”] Stage-gate, Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, Lean, Pert, etc.
[/expandsub1] [expandsub1 title=”B.Organizational Structures and Roles”] Weak and Strong Matrix
Product Manager, Product Engineer, Project Management
[/expandsub1] [expandsub1 title=”C.Fundamental Elements”] Identifying needs
Spec’ing the product
Prototyping and testing
Commercializing the product
Launch and Market Support
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Identifying the Need for the Product
Consumer Primer
Segmentation, Demographics, Psychographics, Consumer Needs

Design Thinking

Get out and see
Needs into demand
Adding and measuring value and understanding the value proposition
Needs Approach Benefits Competitors
Outcome driven thinking

Divergent and convergent thinking
Idea capture system
Adjacent possible
Networks, serendipity, error, hunches

Spec’ing the Product

What is a product spec
Who writes the spec
Using metrics and communicating prioritization
Product Spec Better Practices

Fuzzy front end
Voice of the consumer
Benefits, not features
Cross-functional input
The elevator pitch
QFD pros and cons
What, not how
Prototyping and testing
What is a prototype
What is an MVP
Iteration velocity and failing often
Market research
Build measure learn
Achieving failure

Commercializing the product

Industrial Design
Design for X
Stages or Phases and Batch Size
Refining the product better practices

Product creep
Cross-functional teams
Innovation accounting
Critical path
Launch and Market Support
Launch Coordination
Lifecycle management
Value addition post-launch